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Shell and Core

Photography is my medium to discover the world around myself and myself in it. I use pictures to perceive and reflect.

I am interested in the magic of small instants – those moments in between, when human beings and things disclose their souls. It is my aspiration to capture these moments in its transience.

Maria Magdalene in Calle Zaragoza
Embracing the path of traditional Latin American Photography, while studying at the Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photography School in Oaxaca, Mexico, I was looking for today’s true Mexican soul, the outer shell and inner core, my credential theme.

Is it possible to prostitute oneself, to sell one’s body, without damaging the soul?
It remains to be proven; despite the feigned happiness, pretense, and the gaiety at certain times – right in the moments in between, the eyes speak the truth – there the wounded soul in its sadness and vulnerability persists, as a leitmotif.

The controversy of transsexuals interests me – being man and woman at the same time and thus violently breaking with adamant taboos in a traditional chauvinistic society.
Paris, Jessica, Britania and Blanca, they are princesses, sinners, saints, prostitutes, and seduced, they are the Maria Magdalene of our time.

It is my vision that through my photography, perceptions will broaden and therefore changes will be possible.

© Elvira Kaspar, Series Calle Zaragoza, extract of my work www.elvirakaspar.com.

Elvira Kaspar Portrait

Elvira Kaspar, Fotografie, arbeitet im In- und Ausland für Reportagen und Portraits, lebt in Zürich und teilweise in Mexiko. Absolventin der Masterklasse von Mary Ellen Mark 2012 @ Alvarez Bravo Fotoschule in Oaxaca.

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